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  • 1. Use your SponsorAmerica™ Assistance to get free products, services or cash.
  • 2. No repayment of cash or products required. They are yours to keep.
  • 3. We give sponsors advertising in exchange for them sponsoring you!


SponsorAmerica Features

Sponsorship Assistance

Includes $2,500 sponsorship vouchers, $250 cash sponsorship, full sponsorships and partial sponsorship procurement, agent concierge and access to our Partial Sponsorship Purchasing Platform.

YOU Pick Company and Products

You will be able to give us the link to the product you want and we will ask the company to sponsor you for that exact item.

Top Brand Name Sponsorships

We will pursue sponsorships from as many as 90 super brands every month to help get you sponsored. We can even contact companies in your local town and ask them to sponsor you!

Immediate Gratification

From the moment you start, we hit the sponsor track running! Your initial sponsorship procurement drive lasts for 90 days, more than enough time to land multiple sponsorships.

Fulls, Partials and Cash

Full sponsorships get you free part and partials and cash can help you offset the cost of your parts.

Answers Fast

Once you submit your application, we are going to process it and send you our decision in less than 24 hours. And you will be able to start picking your products within minutes of accessing your account.